Nephilim The Remembering

Nephilim The Remembering

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Curtis Papp, husband, father and corporal in the Canadian Air force stationed in Halifax, Nova Scotia is sent to Israel for a pioneering Canadian/Israeli joint training exercise. While there, Curtis gets an overwhelming desire to visit the historical city Kiriath Arba (Hebron). When stepping upon the ancient grounds of the a€˜Tombs of the Patriarchsa€™, Curtis is thrust 3300 years into the past and observed the massacre of its Nephilim citizenry (half angel/half human hybrids of the Old Testament) and its eventual conquering. Once this a€œrememberinga€ occurs, Curtisa€™ entire life is changed as he discovers that he too has Nephilim ancestry and consequently divine DNA. He immediately befriends a military journalist Eavery Parker. Eavery explains to Curtis his history and what to expect as his now awakened angelic DNA begins to manifest unique gifts. And how Curtis must now watch out for the a€˜KRAJCARa€™, a clandestine, hyper religion created by Attila the Hun in the 5th Century AD. Headed by GergAm MAityAis, a direct descendant of Attila, whose only goal is to rid the world of the Nephilim abomination. Nephilim - The Remembering will take you on a global ride of religious extremism, angelic intervention and demonic possession. Curtis Papp, may have went to bed as an average husband, father and corporal in the Canadian Air force, but he will soon discover he is made up of a whole lot more.You manage and repair computers and all their software on a daily basis and you dona#39;t even own a cell phone of any kind? Your television was built in ... I dona#39;t have a cell phone, BlackBerry or iPhone because I dona#39;t want one. It is actuallyanbsp;...

Title:Nephilim The Remembering
Author:Kirk Allen Kreitzer
Publisher:iUniverse - 2011-11-17


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