Neitherworld Book One Akiiwan

Neitherworld Book One Akiiwan

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Blending Native American myth, archaeological detail, government conspiracy and a sci-fi flair, Neitherworld covers lots of ground with dexterity and grace. This unique story is populated with alien civilizations, 17th-century Ojibwe shamans, shady government agents and archaeologists. Akiiwan begins in the 1600s, when a talented Native American shaman-Voice-in-the-Sky-is contacted by members of an alien race who are interested sharing with the Ojibwe people their secrets and talents. Fast-forward to the modern day: government agents hire skilled archaeologist Samantha Horner to learn more about Voice-in-the-Sky's mysterious powers. But from the moment her excavation begins, strange occurrences - violent storms, unexpected attacks on crew members and baffling disappearances - suggest to Horner that something strange is afoot. Horner's tale is told with skillful ease. The prose is elegant and precise. The descriptions-both of characters and of the natural world-are beautiful and evocative.It may not be the last, unfortunately.a€ a€œThata#39;s too bad.a€ a€œIt could be worse. ... Did her face show when she thought of Randy, Sam wondered. a€œYoua#39;re a good brother, a€ she said, ... is on a reservation Tribal Route.a€ Sam backed her Pontiac Vibe outanbsp;...

Title:Neitherworld Book One Akiiwan
Author:Scott Baker - 2007-09


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