Nebular Collection XL2 - The Tachyon Keys

Nebular Collection XL2 - The Tachyon Keys

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On the 21st of January 2114, a being calling himself a Genorantan Prophet has appeared in the solar system, setting off a storm of speculation and anticipation. The message from the Genorantans is ominous: Chiropter First Class Kuster~Laap has asked Humanity to live up to their destiny as Protectors. Kuster~Laap and the ZyClonians, Naad and Nood, agree to go to Earth for a conference where all is to be resolved. While Maya Ivanova, Lai Pi and the extra-terrestrial visitors are transferring to Earth via a mini tachyon portal, journalist Patricia Lok is doing some special research. The freelancing reporter is investigating the Amish, a religious society that still lives as if they were in the eighteen hundreds. While she makes a strange discovery, Solar Union officials are gathering at a conference a€bWea#39;re actually expecting some reflections within the higher electromagnetic spectrum. We know therea#39;s a weakness at around ... ArThe Reusus shows heightened activities!Al a scanner officer ... Triton Hawks: Ready 5!Al ArDo you really think weanbsp;...

Title:Nebular Collection XL2 - The Tachyon Keys
Author:Thomas Rabenstein
Publisher: - 2015-09-08


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