Native American Justice

Native American Justice

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Tracing the history of U.S. Indian policy from the eighteenth century to the present, this book explores how the Euro-American ethos of Manifest Destiny fueled a devastating campaign of ethnic cleansing against Native Americans. After decimating the Indian population through organized massacres, the U.S. government forcibly removed the survivors from their homelands to live on reservations. Physical genocide gave way to attempts at cultural eradication through policies designed to Christianize and civilize the Indians. These policies included the traumatic separation of children from their families for indoctrination and abuse in remote boarding schools. Treaties and policies are linked to the concept of federal paternalism and its relationship to pervasive health and social problems endemic in Indian country, including substance abuse and addiction. The book is divided into three main parts. Part I covers the US government's treatment of Indians from the colonial era to the present. Part II describes how the Cherokees' aboriginal concept of blood vengeance gave way to justice models based on the Protestant ethic. Part II also discusses governmental restrictions of religious expression by Indians. Part III delves into the judicial system within Indian country, looking at tribal courts, the Navajo court system, law enforcement, and corrections. An epilogue covers the incompleteness of social justice in Indian country, as reflected in problems such as the misuse of Indian money by the federal government. A Burnham Publishers bookSubsequently, a Grand Cherokee National Council was developed in 1792 to deal specifically with the issues of national ... The Grand Cherokee National Council now selected the principal and vice chiefs, and this body along with these leaders were ... Tribal control was maintained through four 94 Part Two I Indian Justice.

Title:Native American Justice
Author:Laurence French
Publisher:Rowman & Littlefield - 2003-01


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