Narrow Escape

Narrow Escape

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a€œOh, you live on a boat? That must be really cold in the winter...a€ Or, a€œOh, you live on a boat? It must be great being so close to nature...a€ Or, a€œOh, you live on a boat? It must be fantastic to be able to go wherever you like, whenever you like...a€ Narrow Escape sets out to dispel these commonly held public myths. From how to avoid assassination by ninja stealth ducklings, through definitive proof that kittens are aliens and the best way to sleep at forty-five degrees, to the importance of having the right boating equipment; (a childa€™s plastic sledge and a never ending supply of cotton wool balls). This month by month account of one familya€™s liveaboard year takes a firmly tongue in cheek look at what it takes to enjoy the a€˜idyllica€™ lifestyle.Opening theside hatchesgave mea good viewof the generatorand, inaneffort tofind some sort of inspiration, Isquatted downand stared atthe infernal machine. ... pocket andbegan tosearch through the exploded diagrams shown in the manual.

Title:Narrow Escape
Author:Marie Browne
Publisher:Accent Press Ltd - 2013-10-07


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