Nano/Microscale Heat Transfer

Nano/Microscale Heat Transfer

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A THOROUGH EXPLANATION OF THE METHODOLOGIES USED FOR SOLVING HEAT TRANSFER PROBLEMS IN MICRO- AND NANOSYSTEMS. Written by one of the field's pioneers, this highly practical, focused resource integrates the existing body of traditional knowledge with the most recent breakthroughs to offer the reader a solid foundation as well as working technical skills. THE INFORMATION NEEDED TO ACCOUNT FOR THE SIZE EFFECT WHEN DESIGNING AND ANALYZING SYSTEMS AT THE NANOMETER SCALE, WITH COVERAGE OF Statistical Thermodynamics, Quantum Mechanics, Thermal Properties of Molecules, Kinetic Theory, and Micro/Nanofluidics Thermal Transport in Solid Micro/Nanostructures, Electron and Phonon Scattering, Size Effects, Quantum Conductance, Electronic Band Theory, Tunneling, Nonequilibrium Heat Conduction, and Analysis of Solid State Devices Such As Thermoelectric Refrigeration and Optoelectronics Nanoscale Thermal Radiation and Radiative Properties of Nanomaterials, Radiation Temperature and Entropy, Surface Electromagnetic Waves, and Near-Field Radiation for Energy Conversion Devices IN THE NANOWORLD WHERE THE OLD AXIOMS OF THERMAL ANALYSIS MAY NOT APPLY, NANO/MICROSCALE HEAT TRANSFER IS AN ESSENTIAL RESEARCH AND LEARNING SOURCE. Inside: a€c Statistical Thermodynamics and Kinetic Theory a€c Thermal Properties of Solids a€c Thermal Transport in Solids Micro/Nanostructures a€c Micro/Nanoscale Thermal Radiation a€c Radiative Properties of NanomaterialsFor a pure substance, the solid, liquid, and vapor phases can only coexist at fixed temperature and pressure, which are called triple point properties ... No more than three phases can coexist for any pure substance. ... T-v diagram shown in Fig.

Title:Nano/Microscale Heat Transfer
Author:Zhuomin Zhang
Publisher:McGraw Hill Professional - 2007-05-11


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