Naked, Drunk, and Writing

Naked, Drunk, and Writing

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The material is right there in front of you. Youa€™ve known yourself for, well, a lifetimea€”and you finally feel ready to share your story with the world. Yet when it actually comes time to put pen to paper, you find that youa€™re stumped. Enter Adair Lara: award-winning author, seasoned columnist, beloved writing coach, and the answer to all of your autobiographical quandaries. Naked, Drunk, and Writing is the culmination of Laraa€™s vast experience as a writer, editor, and teacher. It is packed with insights and advice both practical (a€œwriting workshops you pay for are the best--ita€™s too easy to quit when youa€™ve made no investmenta€) and irreverent (a€œapply Part A [butt] to Part B [chair]a€), answering such important questions as: a€c How do I know where to start my piece and where to end it? a€c How do I make myself write when Ia€™m too scared or lazy or busy? a€c What makes a good pitch letter, and how do I get mine noticed? a€c Ia€™m ready to publisha€”now where do I find an agent? a€c If I show my manuscript to my mother, will I ever be invited to a family gathering again? As thorough and instructive as a personal writing coach (and cheaper, too), Naked, Drunk, and Writing is a must-have if you are an aspiring columnist, essayist, or memoirista€”or just a writer who needs a bit of help in getting your story told. From the Trade Paperback edition.Even when an essay is a chronological narrativea€”a€” herea#39;s my story of life as a black woman in Americaa€”finding an angle will sharpen it, as Zora ... Like the outline of a narrative essay, the angle lets you know what to put in, what to leave out.

Title:Naked, Drunk, and Writing
Author:Adair Lara
Publisher:Ten Speed Press - 2010-08-31


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