My Wife and IPhone: Anything Can Be an Addiction in Life Till...

My Wife and IPhone: Anything Can Be an Addiction in Life Till...

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My Wife and iPhone: Anything can be an addiction in life TILL the true story of the author's wife, and how she became obsessed with technology and all the little gadgets that are supposed to make our life easier. Once upon a time she was a normal person, says author Kingsley Njoku. But that was before she met the iPhone. Siti Njoku, a Singaporean, was born into a simple world with a basic lifestyle. Born and raised in a developed country where revolutionary technologies flood the surroundings, she studied New Media, and gradually developed an uncontrollable need for the different types and brands of assorted gadgets; it was soon impossible to separate herself from these devices, they had become a habit. Siti married the author in 2010 after two years of courtship. He also enjoys technological gadgets, but comes to realize through her daily routines that Siti is an Apple lover who spends way too much time on her Apple computer and iPhone. Can this obsession mesh with a happy marriage? About the Author: Kingsley Njoku was born one of twelve siblings in Nigeria. He is now a student living in Europe. Publisher's website: http: // instance, newly added features that were not imbedded in iPhone 3G and 3Gs contributed to making iPhone 4 an exceptional ... in the car, and was able to convert the same document into PDF format before sending it to my big brother and a copy to myself. ... A a€œFind my iPhonea€ application Many more useful applications not mentioned The story keeps getting more interesting and better every day.

Title:My Wife and IPhone: Anything Can Be an Addiction in Life Till...
Author:Kingsley Njoku
Publisher:Strategic Book Publishing - 2012-02-01


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