My romantic comedy

My romantic comedy

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This is the second book of the series: MY ROMANTIC COMEDY 1st book (Once Upon a Time) AVAILABLE 3rd book (Happy Ending) Publication date: AVAILABLE HAPPY BOOKS HEROES, FILLED WITH FANTASY AND HUMOR INTERLUDE SOMETIMES, OUR DREAMS COME TO LIFE IN AMAZING WAYS Ia€™m Erin and I believed Ia€™d discovered the magic formula for finding my Prince Charming: trying out my favorite romantic comedies in real life. It turns out that I was wrong, at least until now, becausea€“leta€™s not forgeta€“a magic formula doesna€™t always work the first time. I just have to wave my magic wand and start again. Sleepless in Seattle, Romancing the Stone, Notting Hill, A Lot Like Love a€b, one of these films is bound to bring me happiness. Especially as this time, Ia€™ve decided to put all the odds in my favor. First session: The Devil Wears Prada. A change of style will help me find my smile again and take part in new adventures. Besides, arena€™t all romantic comedies required to have a happy ending? Why not mine? EXCERPT 1 As I know that Matt is tired, I find an excuse to leave without having dessert. During the trip back, I cana€™t stop myself from mentioning, a€œFor a second there, I thought you werena€™t very talkative because you had a fight with Moira.a€ a€œOr rather, you hoped that I had a fight with Moira.a€ a€œWhat? Not at all, a€ I protest. a€œI have no problem with her.a€ He turns and touches my nose. a€œNo, it hasna€™t grown, and to think that I counted on the story of Pinocchio being real.a€ I cana€™t help but laugh. a€œOK, I cana€™t pretend that she holds a special place in my heart, but to be fair, Ia€™ve only seen her once.a€ a€œI imagine that she dethroned Vanessa on the list of your enemies, a€ he jokes. a€œIn my defense, shea€™s the one who started looking me up and down coldly.a€ a€œWhile of course, youa€™re purely innocent.a€ a€œMatt. I didna€™t do anything to provoke her. Maybe you can explain to me why she doesna€™t like me?a€ a€œIa€™d rather not get into that kind of discussion.a€ EXCERPT 2 a€œJust My Luck, exchanging your life with someone, a€ continues Carrie. a€œMm, I like this idea. With whom? You maybe.a€ a€œDo you really want to spend your days in a kitchen under incredible heat?a€ a€œNot really. However, I could take the seat of a chairman. I give a side look to Matt who hastens to react, a€œNot in your wildest dreams. Your last visit to my office definitely wasna€™t a bed of roses.a€ a€œYoua€™re exaggerating.a€ a€œOf course I am, a€ he mocks. a€œI assure you that youa€™d love working in the bookstore.a€ a€œTherea€™s no way youa€™re dragging me into this.a€ Carrie keeps giving movie titles when Matt stops her. a€œRead the last one out again.a€ a€œRomancing the Stone?a€ a€œExactly. One of my favorite movies.a€ a€œMine too!a€ we say in unison. a€œYou see?a€ a€œSee what? Do you want me to go to South America to get killed by criminals in the jungle?a€ a€œDona€™t get my hopes up.a€ sweet romance, humorous romantic comedy series, chick-lit girl looks for Prince Charming test romantic movies fall in love, happy ending fun read believe in destiny become friends argue but in love, modern contemporary new adult couple afraid to ruin relationship, wedding proposal family friendship laughter, cute meet chance meet pretend to be a couple ex-girlfriend rival, romantic comedy trilogyI spend the next two weeks searching for rugs, lamps, decals, and curtains. Every day, I spend the evening with this activity, and gradually, the flat changes style. I repaint the walls of the kitchen with a very light apple green and I mix it with aanbsp;...

Title:My romantic comedy
Author:Mary Kelly
Publisher:7 Seasons - 2014-12-07


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