My Family, My Self

My Family, My Self

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Latinos immigrating into the United States bring with them their rich, unique cultural values and practices, with one constant being the celebration of and reliance on family. Family members find strength and support in the well defined roles and expectations passed down over many generations. This can provide a safe haven for individuals finding their way in the fast paced, competitive American culture where, in addition to the language barriers, different attitudes toward personal issues like dating and relationships, alcohol and drug use, parenting, and the role of elders can cause conflict and confusion and threaten the stability of family life. For over thirty years, the professionals at CLUES have worked with Latinos and their families to provide support and guidance in navigating the many psychological, social, and cultural challenges they face in adapting to their new environment. In this book, experts from different disciplines across this nationally recognized organization, share their practical wisdom--a combination of cultural sensitivity and knowledge and current behavioral health expertise--to produce a friendly, accessible guide to emotional health for Latinos. With a focus on family throughout, including success stories from a variety of Latino families, readers will find useful and inspiring information on: Understanding the importance of emotions, intimacy and communication in personal relationships Finding strength in cultural and family traditions as roles and expectations change Key stages of life issues such as parenting, gender identity, and aging Avoiding alcohol and drug abuse and getting help should this become a problem Contributing to family and society through work and career, education, and developing financial stability The importance of spirituality and moral values in maintaining a sense of personal and family well-being Selected key passages are bi-lingual.Step 6: Understand the costs of ownership (for example, when deciding to buy a vehicle) After buying a house and paying ... Chevy Cruze 2005FordEscape 1999 Toyota Camry Purchase price $22, 430.00 $12, 235.00 $5, 675.00 Down payment anbsp;...

Title:My Family, My Self
Author:Latinas Unidas En Servicio Comunidades
Publisher:Hazelden Publishing - 2014-06-03


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