Mutiny On The Bounty & Pandora's Box

Mutiny On The Bounty & Pandora's Box

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Deluxe A4 Edition of this new version of the whole story of the Bounty, covers everything, from its disastrous crew selection, the Mutiny, incitement of Polynesian wars, trials, executions, pardons, kidnaps, rapes, enslavement to the brutal island murders. Make no mistake; it may have been the beginning of the Romantic Age but there was nothing romantic about the mutiny on the Bounty, why did Fletcher Christian choose oblivion over common sense on that hot sunny morning so long ago? Was it because far from freeing the crew from oppression he was actually mentally unstable? Where exactly was Peter Heywood and why did half the crew choose certain death in an open boat rather than sail away with the mutineers? Just some of the questions answered in this book, for the first time the whole story, the complete story, including the Pandora's hunt for the mutineers and the Admiralty's revenge, and the true price of Peter Heywood's freedom.... abyss and there role in this calamity. Available in paperback, hardback and eBook, from Waterstones, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kindle, iTunes and a host of other providers. England was beset with troubles from the four corners of 262.

Title:Mutiny On The Bounty & Pandora's Box
Author:David G Williams - 2015-05-07


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