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A series of my short stories, also known as a little window into my mind. 1) Age is Wasted on the Old-- Drama about youth rights (or lack therof). 2) Allegory-- One-act play using animals to send a message. 3) Day of Terror-- How the events of 9-11 bring two children together for life. 4) Adagio- A telepath loses control. 5) Out-- Gay high-school student faces coming out. 6) Racer's Dream-- The night Dane Miller's life comes to a crashing halt. 7) Reality of Your Choice-- A high-school student is thrown between three alternate realities. 8) What Comes After the End-- A US counter-terror operative begins a melodramatic chase towards a dangerous group.shirt and belt to splint the limb and put his jacket back on. ... Instantly, he closed his eyes and pictured the Isuzu wiring diagram. The Rodeo would be easy to hot wire, as the antitheft system has its own fuse that could be quickly removed.

Author:Dustin Manuel - 2006-02


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