Music Therapy Education and Training

Music Therapy Education and Training

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Written by a Senior Clinician and Educator in Order to Meet the Needs of Prospective and Current Educators, Clinical Supervisors and Students of Music Therapy, This Book Provides an Overview and Detailed Commentary About All Aspects of Undergraduate and Graduate Education and Training in Music Therapy. Major Topics Include: (1) a Historical Perspective and Review of Academic Standards Defined by Both the National Association of Schools of Music (Nasm) and the American Music Therapy Association (Amta), Faculty Qualifications, Levels of Practice Suggested by Levels of Educational Programming, Post-graduate Training and Distance Learning; (2) Incorporating, Contextualizing and Extending Music and Clinical Foundations into Music Therapy Coursework, Teaching Music Therapy Foundations at Successful Levels of Depth, and Embodying Music Therapy Practice Competencies Through Instructor Demonstration and Role-playing; (3) Detailed Suggestions for Training the Student in Practice Competencies-both Practicum and Internship; (4) Historical Commentary on How Competencies for Advanced Practice Were Composed and How Revised Standards Will Play a Part in the Development of Masters Programs in the United States; (5) Analysis of the Coursework in 32 Graduate Programs Across the United States, and Survey of the Current Use of Coursework to Meet Advanced Competency Areas; (6) Reflection on Relevant Learning Theory, Learning Styles, Student Development Phases, and Its Application to the Scope of Music Therapy Pedagogy and Evaluation; (7) Information Related to Admissions, Advisement, Retention, and Teaching and Evaluation Techniques in Music Therapy Programs; and (8) the Consideration of Training Models in 30 Countries Including a Discussion of Common Themes and Issues in the Development of Education and Training. with a Foreword by Dr. Suzanne Hanser and Appendices Including a Listing and Analysis of Sixty Years of Books Published in Music Therapy, This Book is an Invaluable Addition to the Music Therapy Literature.Paired annotations, 189 Peer Editing, 188 Reciprocal Peer Questions, 189 S South Africa, Music therapy training, 240a€“241 Education ... 169a€“170 Roundtable, 171 Structured Controversy, 171 Thinking-Aloud Paired Problem Solving, 171 Think-pair-share, 170 Suggestions ... Format of classes, 164 Instructional Technology, 186a€“187 Garage Band, 187 Participatory Culture, 187 To Power Point or Not?

Title:Music Therapy Education and Training
Author:Karen D. Goodman
Publisher:Charles C Thomas Publisher - 2011-01-01


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