Murder in the Mountains: A Mia & Arianna Mystery

Murder in the Mountains: A Mia & Arianna Mystery

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It's President's weekend, and Arianna Anderson is psyched. Her new book is out, and she's taking her best friend, Mia, home to Lake Placid for the signing. They're twenty-six, gorgeous, and ready for adventure. But adventure isn't the only thing in store. There's that creepy guy from the airport who warns Mia that she may not know Arianna as well as thinks she does. Plus, some of the houses in their exclusive neighborhood are burglarized, the neighbor's dog is attacked, and someone is watching them from the woods. But the trip isn't a total bust. They meet sexy ski instructor, Jacks, who can't resist Mia's charms. Arianna reconnects with Cooper, her high school crush, and as a romance between them blooms, a snowstorm hits, trapping everyone in the cabin. Although the couples have plenty of ways to occupy themselves, danger lurks outside their door. That suspicious guy from the airport has followed them home, leaving the girls to wonder whom they can trust. As the weather turns from bad to worse, Arianna's past catches up with her. Will she and Mia survive the weekend, or become victims of murder in the mountains?Jacks punched in the code, and the hush that followed was tense and thick, as though they had disturbed the air with their unwanted ... Turning the corner, Mia saw it was the TV and sighed, annoyed by her hyped-up nerves. ... He sank into the Fayheysa#39; comfy sofa and grabbed the remote, intent on finding a game. ... The sky was completely black now, looking more like midnight than 5:30 at night. ... Plus, she fully expected Jeff and Ilsa a€“ or whoever a€“ to make their move Chapter Twelve.

Title:Murder in the Mountains: A Mia & Arianna Mystery
Author:Hayden Harper - 2014-08-19


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