Murder in Germantown

Murder in Germantown

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A smooth, savvy, sardonic, criminal law attorney, Ravonne Lemmelle has been hired fresh out of Harvard Law School to Savino, Martir and Associates, a large Philadelphia firm. A recently separated, single father of one, with a few acquittals under his belt, hea€™s got a soft spot for no one, but the law. On a dark January morning, Wydell James was arrested for killing several people attending a party in Germantown: a section of North Philadelphia. Now hea€™s in a jail cell with no one to turn too, but his childhood friend, Ravonne Lemmelle. One thing makes Ravonne feel powerful; forcing prosecutors to dig deep into their legal coffers to sit across the courtroom from him. His investigation turns up more suspects, a new purpose to kill, and Ravonne realizes the power is closera€”and more obtainablea€”than he could ever possibly known. Things become more complex when two people enters his life: his estranged wife and a serial killer. But Ravonnea€™s one purpose: an acquittal for Wydell James.Youa#39;re going to need to get the current copy of the driving manual.a€ He sat there ... There you will find the business section, get a resume book, and write a resume that will get you a job doing whatever you want. Dona#39;t forget a sample thank you letter for after interviews, as well. When I ... a€œAt one, please meet me at Twenty21.

Title:Murder in Germantown
Author:MR Rahiem Brooks
Publisher:Prodigy Publishing Group - 2012-08


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