Murder at the Table of Fools

Murder at the Table of Fools

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At a midget football banquet, five fathers attend to honor their sons and end up poisoned. Four survive, while one ends up dead. The Lonely Detective is one of the survivors, and suddenly, hea€™s got a new, dastardly case on his hands. Who would try to poison a man at an event intended to honor his own son? The Lonely Detective first interviews the wives, his own included, to see if any of the women had opportunity or motive. He has to face the facts: everyone is a suspect. Along the trail, there are emotional social workers concerned with the childrena€™s mental health. There are also cautious, politically correct detectives who do nothing but get in the way. In the wives, there is no shortage of suspicion, as the Lonely Detective discovers poverty, jealousy, and vengeance. Oh, and therea€™s the bit about a mistress. Next up are the literary agents, out for a book deal, and TV personalities, too. The dead mana€™s memorial is replete with media and cheerleaders. Honestly, the Lonely Detective cana€™t get a break ... until his case breaks itself apart.a€œHuh, ohyeah, nationwide Pep Boya#39;s Corporation and its employees, taking care oftheir own, have contributed over thirty ... Do you know, Corporate has decided all Pep Boys stores worldwide have a moment of silence during lunch hour.

Title:Murder at the Table of Fools
Author:Charles E. Schwarz
Publisher:iUniverse - 2014-10-30


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