Mr. High Maintenance

Mr. High Maintenance

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Meet Jerome, Lamant, and Marcus, three single men who share one thing in common: their high maintenance needs drive women away. Jerome Hart's ideal relationship is not to be in one. He enjoys his single life, and has no intention of slowing down his bed-hopping, fast-lane ways. Twenty-eight-year-old Lamant James is busy as usual, figuring out how to balance his sixty-hour work week with his search for the ideal mate. His rigid dating rules have women running for their lives. Recently divorced forty-year-old Marcus Hill would prefer a not-so-desperate housewife mail-ordered and shipped from the 1950s. He never saw his divorce coming, due to his belief that he was a super duper husband. Why their ideal women are so hard to find is beyond any of them. The possibility of changing themselves is unthinkable. Can they evolve, or face ending up alone?a€œNo, ita#39;s notMelinda. She wasna#39;t forme.a€ Lamant shook his head, feeling hopeless. a€œMan, it doesna#39;t even matter. Shea#39;s gone.a€ a€œWhata#39;s hername?a€ a€œIta#39;s Kea€”a€ Lamanta#39;s heart skipped a beat as he watched a black Ford Mustang convertible pull up.

Title:Mr. High Maintenance
Author:Nishawnda Ellis
Publisher:Urban Books - 2010-09-01


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