Mr. and Miss Anonymous

Mr. and Miss Anonymous

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g#1 qNew York Timesq bestselling author Fern Michaels has won millions of fans with her unforgettable, emotionally charged novels. In Mister and Miss Anonymous, she explores the unexpected, often devastating, turns in life that pull people apart...and the twists of fate that bring them back together again... College senior Lily Madison is on her own and desperate to pay for her last semester of school. With nowhere to turn, she makes the difficult decision to donate her eggs to a fertility clinic. Sam Parker is also a penniless student who supplements his tuition money by visiting a sperm bank. One day, Lily and Sam meet at the clinic and talk about their secret. They agree the clinic gives them an odd feeling, as if all is not as it seems. Despite their obvious attraction, Lily and Sam go their separate ways. Twenty years have passed and Lily often wonders if she has a child somewhere in the world. She also thinks a lot about Sam. Now a wealthy entrepreneur, Sam never forgot Lily either, and when he sees her in an airport one day, he falls for her all over again. But while they enjoy their unlikely reunion, a story on the news has them riveted. Two teenage boys are missing and their disappearance may be linked to the fertility clinic Sam and Lily visited in college. In a shocking twist, one of the boys looks exactly like Sam. Lily and Sam are now determined to find out what really went on at the clinic all those years ago. When the whole story comes out, the truth will be more than they bargained for. But they will discover that letting go of their secrets from the past is the best way to build a future worth fighting for...TracFone on the kitchen counter rang. He dropped his sandwich ... Charlie clicked on the phone, and said, a€œMake it quick and state your business.a€ Outside the front door, ... Ia#39;ll give you a few minutes, then Ia#39;ll call you back. Will that be okay, Mr.

Title:Mr. and Miss Anonymous
Author:Fern Michaels
Publisher:Kensington Books - 2009-05-01


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