Moving and Growing

Moving and Growing

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This CD-ROM for whiteboard use is an electronic version of Moving and Growing from the hugely successful Step-Up Science series. All living things are able to move and grow. Moving and Growing describes how vertebrates - including humans - have bones, why they are needed, how they change and how they are related to growth and movement. It explains how a human skeleton differs from other animalskeletons and how invertebrates are able to protect themselves without a skeleton. This CDROM also shows how you can use a good diet and exercise to keep your bones healthy.This understanding is deepened by comparisons of human bones with skeletons of other animals. It also encourages children to ... Children can construct the skeleton and label it using the diagram on the whiteboard. Some children thinkanbsp;...

Title:Moving and Growing
Author:Louise Spilsbury
Publisher:Evans Brothers - 2008-02


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