Mourning Doves After The Fire

Mourning Doves After The Fire

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This is a story of love and loss, of passion and tragedy, and of the triumph of the spirit in both man and beast. Pennsylvania 1910. Abby Whitman, a twenty-eight year old secretary with an interest in classical music, lives with her mother, Maggie, who works as a part-time seamstress to help make ends meet. Abby pays a visit to Dr. Raymond Fletcher, whom she secretly fancies and he gives her the unfortunate news that she has a cancer. Dr. Fletcher is devoted to Abby and he seeks the aid of a renowned doctor who has apparently discovered an experimental treatment that has proven to eradicate cancer. During a camping trip, Abby befriends Madison, a young girl, who shares with Abby an interest in music and who will provide a dramatic change in Abbya€™s life. Abby is under Dr. Fletchera€™s personal care and an appreciation for each other develops as he begins to treat her cancer and her prognosis remains uncertain. A subplot to the human story involves a female mourning dove, recently widowed, and her bird neighbors who nest in the large oak tree near Abbya€™s house. As the human story develops so does the story of heartache and resolve in the birds as their own existence is constantly threatened. The birds serve as a witness to the human story around them as well as their own.Ia#39;m tired. It was nice meeting you, Ella. Eric, Ia#39;m sure youa#39;ll act like a gentleman should at the banquet. Remember, poise, grace, a little levity, and be attentive to Ella. She is, afterall, your significant other, at least for the duration of the banquet.

Title:Mourning Doves After The Fire
Author:Charles D. Blanchard
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2010-09-21


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