Motorcycles I've Loved

Motorcycles I've Loved

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a€œWhat the PCT is to Cheryl Strayed, the open road is to Brooks-Dalton.a€a€”Cosmopolitan A powerful memoir about a young woman whose passion for motorcycles leads her down a road all her own. At twenty-one-years-old, Lily Brooks-Dalton is feeling lost; returning to New England after three and a half years traveling overseas, she finds herself unsettled, unattached, and without the drive to move forward. When a friend mentions buying a motorcycle, Brooks-Dalton is intrigued and inspired. Before long she is diving headlong into the world of gearheads, reconsidering her surroundings through the visor of a motorcycle helmet, and beginning a study of motion that will help her understand her own trajectory. Her love for these powerful machines starts as a diversion, but as she continues riding and maintaining her own motorcycles, she rediscovers herself, her history, and her momentum. Forced to confront her limitationsa€”new and old, real and imagineda€”Brooks-Dalton learns focus, patience, and how to navigate life on the road. As she builds confidence, both on her bike and off, she begins to find her way, ultimately undertaking an ambitious ride that leaves her strengthened, revitalized, and prepared for whatever comes next. Honest and lyrical, raw and thoughtful, Motorcycles Ia€™ve Loved is a bold portrait of one young womana€™s empowering journey of independence and determination. From the Hardcover edition.Before we left, though, he poured a little gasoline dryer into my tank just in case, a substance that encourages the gasoline to absorb the water, which will then run through the engine as pure gas normally would. The problem lies in theanbsp;...

Title:Motorcycles I've Loved
Author:Lily Brooks-Dalton
Publisher:Penguin - 2015-04-07


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