Mothering a Bodied Curriculum

Mothering a Bodied Curriculum

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This collection considers how embodiment, mothering, and curriculum theory are related to practices in education that silence, conceal, and limit gendered, raced, and sexual maternal bodies. Advancing a new understanding of the maternal body, it argues for a 'bodied curriculum' a€“ a practice that attends to the relational, social, and ethical implications of 'being-with' other bodies differently, and to the different knowledges such bodily encounters produce. Contributors argue that the prevailing silence about the maternal body in educational scholarship reinforces the binary split between domestic and public spaces, family life and work, one's own children and others' children, and women's roles as 'mothers' or 'others.' Providing an interdisciplinary perspective in which postmodern ideas about the body interact with those of learning and teaching, Mothering a Bodied Curriculum brings theory and practice together into an ever-evolving conversation.dividea#39; and my existence among the affordances of these technologies is also the case for only a small fraction of the worlda#39;s population ... we are sometimes unable to access the Internet because of limitations set by service providers and other systems of power rather ... I know what it feels like to wait at the gate to see a familiar face come down the hallway after disembarking from a plane, but I do ... Sent from my iPhone I have been an avid television viewer since my early childhood.

Title:Mothering a Bodied Curriculum
Author:Stephanie Springgay
Publisher:University of Toronto Press - 2012


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