More Tree Talk

More Tree Talk

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More Tree Talk is an insightful and compelling look at the human dimension of the challenges facing forestry. First published in 1981, Tree Talk was widely hailed as the most even-handed and well-written introduction to forestry issues available. More Tree Talk is an entirely revised edition of that classic volume that brings the book up-to-date with the current situation.Like the original, More Tree Talk features a running narrative punctuated by individual portraits that personalize the issues. It translates political and academic aspects of forestry into human terms, focusing on those whose lives and livelihoods depend on the outcome of the debates currently raging -- old-time woodsmen, loggers, naturalists, restoration workers, timber company executives.Ray Raphael explores the new forestry practices, theories, and controversies that have emerged in the past decade as he addresses problems of a declining resource base and increasing regulatory policies. He examines the impact of ecological and economic concerns on rural communities, and considers the possibility of large structural changes in the ways in which timber companies operate. Throughout, he emphasizes that without an understanding of the economic and political factors that interfere with good forest management, all the scientific knowledge -- and all the best intentions of on-site workers -- will come to no avail.... balloon yarding, 152 Bamfords on, 137a€“42 Budden on, 146a€“52 cable yarding, 143a€“52 caterpillar tractors, 130a€“37 helicopter yarding, ... 187, 193a€“94 Illinois Valley, 121a€“22 Incentives, 284 Indians, 74 manual release forestry and, 97a€“98 Indicator species, 78, 248a€“49 ... 21a€“26 Internal rate of return (IRR), 168 International Transtar Conventional truck, 50 a€œInvisible present, a€ 296a€“97 Iris, Jan, 100a€“105, 244anbsp;...

Title:More Tree Talk
Author:Ray Raphael
Publisher:Island Press - 1994-05-01


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