More Than a Story

More Than a Story

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Most people have heard the story of Joba€”hea€™s the guy in the Bible who had a lot of bad stuff happen to him, only to be restored by God restored due to his faithfulness. Job appears in sermons as an example of faith during trials, of perseverance during suffering. More than a Story: Lessons from the Book of Job considers the nearly forty chapters of debates among Job and his friendsa€”debates that most sermons overlooka€”that make up the majority of the book of Job. These chapters contain questions, statements, and answers that are still applicable to our lives today. Author Laura Lusby is determined to prove that the book of Job is more than just a story. These debates consider such topics as the causes of suffering, the fates of the wicked and the righteous, and the influence and working of God in our daily lives. Lusby examines the speeches of Job and his friends, and considers these three big questions to discover the truth: 1. Do the principles presented in these verses align with other Scriptures? 2. Are the scriptural values applied correctly in, or to, Joba€™s situation? 3. How can we apply these concepts to our lives today? More than A Story seeks to use the book of Job to distinguish among the different facets of the character of God, drawing us closer to Him.On the Friday before he became ill, I invited a few ladies over for time of fellowship and crochet. When my friends left, I dug out some yarn I had been hoarding for several years and began to make samples for a blanket for my husband.

Title:More Than a Story
Author:Laura Lusby
Publisher:CrossBooks - 2012-03


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