More Moderate Side of Joseph de Maistre

More Moderate Side of Joseph de Maistre

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The More Moderate Side of Joseph de Maistre expertly contextualizes his work within the historical events and intellectual debates that emerged in the aftermath of the French Revolution. Camcastle sheds new light on Maistre's conception of government as being made up of groups in dynamic counterbalance and on the system of inconvertible paper money that he developed a century before a similar system was universally adopted in the twentieth century. Camcastle provides a more complete and balanced picture of Maistre's political writings through original interpretations of his published works and translations from French and Italian into English of previously unpublished writings that substantiate key points.Maistre is expressing the par value of paper currency in terms of commodities; that is, if a dozen eggs were offered on the market at a price of six lire, then the par value of a one lira paper note issued at that time would be two eggs and theanbsp;...

Title:More Moderate Side of Joseph de Maistre
Author:Cara Camcastle
Publisher:McGill-Queen's Press - MQUP - 2005-12-19


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