More iPhone Cool Projects

More iPhone Cool Projects

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Everyone is developing iPhone applications, and ita€™s clear why. The iPhone is the coolest mobile device available, and the App Store makes it simple to get an application out into the unstoppable iPhone app market. With hundreds of thousands of app developers entering the game, ita€™s crucial to learn from those who have actually succeeded. This book shows you how some of the most innovative and creative iPhone application developers have developed cool, best-selling apps. Not only does every successful application have a story, but behind every great app is excellent code. In this book, youa€™ll see the code and learn how to use it to make your own cool applications. Youa€™ll learn everything from importing 3D art assets into your iPhone game to using Cocos2d for iPhone and iPad. This book shares the secrets of the coolest iPhone apps being built today by the best iPhone developersa€”invaluable knowledge for anyone who wants to create the app that everyone is talking about. What youa€™ll learn Game development with Unity and iPhone OpenGL Unit testing and iPhone-specific testing tools How to approach and solve complex app development roadblocks The best code fully explained and presented with screenshots Who this book is for iPhone application developers of all experience levels and development platforms. Table of Contents Using Concurrency to Improve the Responsiveness of iPhone and iPad Applications Your Own Content Pipeline: Importing 3D Art Assets into Your iPhone Game How FlightTrack Uses External Data Providers to Power This Best-Selling Travel App Write Better Code and Save Time with Unit Testing Fun with Computer Vision: Face Recognition with OpenCV on the iPhone How to Use OpenGL Fonts without Losing Your Mind Game Development with Unity Cocos2d for iPhone and iPad; It Is Easier than You Think Creating an Audio-Centric App for the iPhone with AVAudioPlayer Implementing Push Notifications at eBuddybook or not. Therefore, we decided to keep with the generally bluish tones of the standard iPhone tab bar, but texturize and embellish the background and buttons . Our goal for this is similar to the goals of a booka#39;s cover. We want the user to be anbsp;...

Title:More iPhone Cool Projects
Author:Ben Smith, Danton Chin, Leon Palm, Charles Smith, Claus Hoefele, Saul Mora, Arne de Vries, Joost van de Wijgerd, Scott Penberthy, Ben Kazez, Roderick Smith, Stephen Chin, Dave Smith
Publisher:Apress - 2010-06-14


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