Monkey Girl

Monkey Girl

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What should we teach our children about where we come from? Is evolution a lie or good science? Is it incompatible with faith? Have scientists really detected evidence of a creator in nature? From bestselling, Pulitzer Prize-winning author Edward Humes comes a dramatic story of faith, science, and courage unlike any since the famous Scopes Monkey Trial. Monkey Girl takes you behind the scenes of the recent war on evolution in Dover, Pennsylvania, when the town's school board decision to confront the controversy head-on thrust its students, then the entire community, onto the front lines of America's culture wars. Told from the perspectives of all sides of the battle, it is a riveting true story about an epic court case on the teaching of qintelligent design, q and what happens when science and religion collide.The existing texts were more than six years old and had quite a few outdated sections, and there were too few books to go arounda€”the ... Hall volume Biology, by Kenneth Miller and Joe Levine, better known among teachers as the a€œ Dragonfly Book, a€ for its vivid, luminous cover photo of a dragonfly in flight. The school already used an older edition of the same text, so the transition would be simple.

Title:Monkey Girl
Author:Edward Humes
Publisher:Harper Collins - 2009-10-13


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