Money, Marriage and Divorce

Money, Marriage and Divorce

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A practical guide to protecting your financial assets throughout marriage and divorce. Money is always a tricky subject to broach, especially when you've just found the love of your life. But Paul Clitheroe, expert financial advisor, says it's never to early to have the conversation. By agreeing on a financial plan, you will eliminate many money-related arguments and together you can build more wealth than you could separately. Being clear-headed about money also means you can protect your assets if you are divorcing - not from each other, but from a costly divorce process and the increased expenses of living separately. Paul's rational and calm advice covers: how to set up a household budgetinvesting as a coupleconsolidating debt as a couplein whose name to put the mortgagethe cost and processes of divorcethe costs of living separatelywhether to sell the family home to buy two smaller housesdividing assets without wasting money on lawyers or legal proceedingsThis is the manual on good money management through very difficult times.If youa#39;re even vaguely thinkingabout a debt arrangement, or bankruptcy, I strongly recommend you read through the fact ... Thata#39;s why, ifyou do consolidate creditcard debts intoasingle, lowerrate debt, what youneedtodo nextis pick up someanbsp;...

Title:Money, Marriage and Divorce
Author:Paul Clitheroe
Publisher:Penguin UK - 2015-01-06


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