Mom Overboard

Mom Overboard

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Famous novelist Dorothy Ackerman invites her estranged daughter, Rachel, on a four-day cruise to Bermuda to coincide with Mothera€™s Day and the girla€™s 25th birthday. The trip should be a relaxing vacation and bonding opportunity for them. But theya€™re barely speaking. Both women have ulterior motives for going on the cruise together, and they try to get what they need from each other. A handsome stranger acts as kindling to ignite old grudges and distrust between the Ackermans. By the end of the trip, the two women disembark with a greater understanding of each other and themselves.During a couple summer terms in college, I worked as a car service driver. I can cook, too. I was a shortorder cook and a waitress at a diner in Greenpoint.a€ a€œHave you ever cleaned a bathroom?a€ Weird questions for a date. a€œFor three disgusting anbsp;...

Title:Mom Overboard
Author:Valerie Frankel
Publisher:Shebooks - 2014-03-12


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