Molecular Theory of Solutions

Molecular Theory of Solutions

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This book presents new and updated developments in the molecular theory of mixtures and solutions. It is based on the theory of Kirkwood and Buff which was published more than fifty years ago. This theory has been dormant for almost two decades. It has recently become a very powerful and general tool to analyze, study and understand any type of mixtures from the molecular, or the microscopic point of view. The traditional approach to mixture has been, for many years, based on the study of excess thermodynamic quantities. This provides a kind of global information on the system. The new approach provides information on the local properties of the same system. Thus, the new approach supplements and enriches our information on mixtures and solutions.Books on the elements of statistical thermodynamics: Hill (1960), McQuarrie ( 1976) and Ben-Naim (1992). Advanced books ... we introduce the. 20 INTRODUCTION Suggested references on general thermodynamics and statistical mechanics.

Title:Molecular Theory of Solutions
Author:Arieh Ben-Naim
Publisher:Oxford University Press, USA - 2006-10-05


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