Modern Commercial Paper

Modern Commercial Paper

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Tool for teaching Revised UCC Article 3 and 4 and related commercial paper. Coverage largely traditional (mostly negotiable instruments) but presentation is new. Every section is divided into three parts: A basic explanation of the law (the Story); that sets up cases and other primary sources (the Law); that are behind a logical and easy-toteach set of problems (Practice). Each section is freestanding to allow instructors to pick and choose what to teach, using text, cases, problems or a combination of all. Chapters are designed to allow flexibility with respect to substance and individual method of teaching.Page 572 relying on a letter which he had sent to American Express prior to giving his card to McBride. ... Moreover, in his deposition Martin indicated that McBride subsequently returned the credit card to him (Martin) and shortly thereafter disappeared. ... voluntarily permits the use of his (or her) credit card by another person, the cardholder has authorized the use of that card and is thereby responsibleanbsp;...

Title:Modern Commercial Paper
Author:Steve H. Nickles, John H. Matheson, Edward S. Adams
Publisher:West Group - 1994


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