Mizrahi's Prison

Mizrahi's Prison

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In 1942 two OSS officers, Major Huff a pilot and Major Murphy an infantry officer are tasked with kidnapping an Africa Corps officer from an internment camp in Turkey. During a meeting with Colonel Groves, the officer in charge of the Manhattan Project, they learn the Africa Corps officer is one of Germany's leading physicists who Groves believes was inadvertently assigned to the Africa Corps. After realizing their mistake, the Germans reassigned the officer to the Kaiser Wilheim Institute of Physics in Berlin. While flying back to Berlin, the aircraft was shot down and Turkish fisherman plucked the physicist from the Gulf of Adalia. Subsequently, according to international law, he was interned by the neutral Turkish government.From Harry Hopkins they learn the president has 'green lighted' the operation and are handed an OSS planning document. Huff, an experienced pilot, thinks the plan is absurd until he spots Jimmy Doolittle's signature. Days later a technically complex plan springs into action.They turned the crank of the radio compass to obtain a new heading as they passed each checkpoint. After seven hours of flight, ... They followed the Jeep to a parking spot in front of Mitchella#39;s transit maintenance hangar. Huff closed out theanbsp;...

Title:Mizrahi's Prison
Author:Jacques Evans
Publisher:Jacques Evans - 2009-10-07


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