Missing Reels

Missing Reels

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The utterly winning, wholly delightful, totally cinematic debut novel of young love, old movies, and an epic search for a long-lost silent film New York in the late 1980s. Ceinwen Reilly has just moved from Yazoo City, Mississippi, and shea€™s never going back, minimum wage job (vintage store salesgirl) and shabby apartment (Avenue C walkup) be damned. Who cares about earthly matters when Ceinwen can spend her days and her nights at fading movie housesa€”and most of the time thata€™s left trying to look like Jean Harlow? One day, Ceinwen discovers that her downstairs neighbor may havea€”just possiblya€”starred in a forgotten silent film that hasna€™t been seen for ages. So naturally, ita€™s time for a quest. She will track down the film, she will impress her neighbor, and she will become a part of movie history: the archivist as ingAcnue. As she embarks on her grand mission, Ceinwen meets a somewhat bumbling, very charming, 100% English math professor named Matthew, who is as rational as she is dreamy. Together, they will or will not discover the missing reels, will or will not fall in love, and will or will not encounter the obsessives that make up the New York silent film nut underworld. A novel as winning and energetic as the grand Hollywood films that inspired it, Missing Reels is an irresistible, alchemical mix of Nora Ephron and David Nicholls that will charm and delight.Jim had the side bedroom, Ceinwen the back, and Talmadge was behind the screens. ... When they met, Jim had been working there, too, but now he had a better job managing a tiny costume jewelry store on the Upper East Side. She told herself that living with two men made Avenue C safe, even if Talmadge was short and Jim was skinny. It took only a month to learn which hours were fine and which demanded a cab, which buildings were normal and which should be passed at topanbsp;...

Title:Missing Reels
Author:Farran Smith Nehme
Publisher:The Overlook Press - 2014-11-12


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