Miraculous Power Overcoming Hopeless Adversity

Miraculous Power Overcoming Hopeless Adversity

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Confounding Medical Consensus, an 81-year-old hatha yoga master, whom a surgical error rendered a quasi-quadriplegist, and who was told independently by three doctors that he would never walk again, WALKS in 8 Months! A Triumph of Therapy; A Triumph of Faith! Until I directly confronted the Health Care Provider Medical Director at the Hebrew Home, for 10 weeks I was flailing against lengthening shadows of ignorance of my truly hopeless condition because my surgeon chose to violate his legal requirement to tell me my physical condition. Is this affliction a punishment from God? Can I, who have delivered many Prophetic Messages to meet many concrete needs of many people at four different churches in Asia and America over 60 years, ask God for a Prophecy of Healing? Will God find me Faithless if I dona€™t take literally Prophecy I a/Or II regarding my healing? In the second week of my stay at Hebrew Home of Greater Washington, D.C, the Health Care Provider Medical Director decided to discharge me around September 30. Two fundamental miracles had to occur to void the imminent discharge. I sketch the Herculean efforts to re-create 23 functionalities beginning with the likes of crawling: (1) Crawl -g (2) Kneel -g (3) Scoot -g (4) Stand -g (5) Transfer -g (6) Walk. The re-creation of functionalities takes place within the certainty of the date of my death, known since 1979 at age 49, which assures me that the quadriplegia is not unto death. I have confounded medical consensus that I will never walk again, thanks to the faith of several communities continually praying for my recovery-the faith creating and consummating the miracle of a quasi-quadriplegist walking in 8 months, rapidly progressing to walking 3 miles a day unassisted.(16) Standing (ii) on a Hoyer Lift To reach (15), I had to work through (16) in which one is lifted up on a sling by cranking Hoyer Lift ... Recall that my standing tall and erect on the manual machine was fundamental miracle #1 in Chapter 11.

Title:Miraculous Power Overcoming Hopeless Adversity
Author:Dr. George Kuttickal Chacko, Ph.D.
Publisher:BalboaPress - 2012-11-20


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