Minorities in Science

Minorities in Science

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Change is the essence of progress. We now stand at the crossroads of our civilization where change is essential in the conduct of our institu tions, in the plans and models we project for the future, and in the very patterns of our thinking if we are to survive as qone nation under God . . . with liberty and justice for all. q Opportunity to participate and fulfill the responsibility of building the nation must be available to all citizens in a true republic. For the viability of governmental institutions, in a modem democratic nation state, rests on the diversity of the genius of her citizens, and this enables the nation to accommodate herself better to changes of the times. But if the nation becomes impervious to change and resistant to modify its institutions to keep in pace with the times, then the nation will indeed be doomed to wither and perish. History is replete with examples of civilizations that have gone that course. It is therefore our responsibility to insure that our government institutions are kept receptive to change and reflective of the needs and concerns of her citizenry. In America today, economic and social powers generally go to those who can claim a superior education and professional experience. As our society, and indeed the world, becomes increasingly dependent on science and technology, education in those fields becomes impera tive to the power equation.... Office for (HEW), 187-188, 191-192 Civil Rights, U.S. Commission, 180-181, 220-221 Civil Service Commission, 182 Clarke College, 250 ... 17-22, 26 College Entrance Examination Board (CEEB), 184, 270 Community-based medical centers, 123139 Connecticut College, ... 141-153 General Accounting Office ( GAO), U.S., 180-181 Geographic maldistribution of health services, 124, 134, 135 Graduateanbsp;...

Title:Minorities in Science
Author:Vijaya L. Melnick
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2013-04-17


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