Minimalist Essays on Brazilian Portuguese Syntax

Minimalist Essays on Brazilian Portuguese Syntax

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This collection of papers discusses some of the major syntactic properties of Brazilian Portuguese from a minimalist perspective. The volume focuses on movement and empty category issues and brings new empirical material on a variety of topics (null subjects and finite control, possessive and existential constructions, factive constructions, relative clauses, null objects and stress shift, preposition duplication, VP topicalization, and ellipsis). The book is of interest to a wide spectrum of linguists working on theoretical and comparative syntax.Ura (1994), after surveying many languages in which hyperraising is attested, states the following generalization: Ifa language allows ... In my analysis, however, both cases involve hyperraising and the coexistence of these sentences is not surprising. ... of (ia) and (ib) is an instance of movement into thematic positions, we are led to the conclusion that if a language allows (ib), it also allows (ia), since theanbsp;...

Title:Minimalist Essays on Brazilian Portuguese Syntax
Author:Jairo Nunes
Publisher:John Benjamins Publishing - 2009-04-15


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