Mineral Scales and Deposits

Mineral Scales and Deposits

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Mineral Scales and Deposits: Scientific and Technological Approaches presents, in an integrated way, the problem of scale deposits (precipitation/crystallization of sparingly-soluble salts) in aqueous systems, both industrial and biological. It covers several fundamental aspects, also offering an applicationsa€™ perspective, with the ultimate goal of helping the reader better understand the underlying mechanisms of scale formation, while also assisting the user/reader to solve scale-related challenges. It is ideal for scientists/experts working in academia, offering a number of crystal growth topics with an emphasis on mechanistic details, prediction modules, and inhibition/dispersion chemistry, amongst others. In addition, technologists, consultants, plant managers, engineers, and designers working in industry will find a field-friendly overview of scale-related challenges and technological options for their mitigation. Provides a unique, detailed focus on scale deposits, includes the basic science and mechanisms of scale formation Present a field-friendly overview of scale-related challenges and technological options for their mitigation Correlates chemical structure to performance Provides guidelines for easy assessment of a particular case, also including solutions Includes an extensive list of industrial case studies for reference[39] reproduced with permission from ACS. soluble organic-bound calcium is extracted from wood chips by weak black liquor at ... light by chemical constituents in a sample, has proven to perform accurate and precise online determination of the organic/ inorganic content of the black liquor [40]. ... Some operating problems were detected during plant start-up. ... In operations that involve heat transfer between two fluids in some sort of heat exchange equipment, depending on the typeanbsp;...

Title:Mineral Scales and Deposits
Author:Zahid Amjad, Konstantinos D. Demadis
Publisher:Elsevier - 2015-05-21


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