Millennium Book Three: Inferno

Millennium Book Three: Inferno

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The True Reckoning is only seconds away, and only the crew of Deep Space Nine can prevent it from happening. But the Pah-wraiths and their followers, Gul Dukat and the merciless Grigori, will do anything to stop them. Does the answer lie within the realm of the Prophets, opponents of the Pah-wraiths from time immemorial? Or is the real answer hidden in the fact that nearly seven years ago, a Ferengi barkeeper was not killed by the Cardassians?Some service over here!a€ A table of rowdy ... Nervously, he looked up to see his absolute best customera€”Morna€”pounding his tankard, insisting on another round. Now! ... The question was a sure-fire conversation starter with the big guy.

Title:Millennium Book Three: Inferno
Author:Judith & Garfield Reeves-Stevens
Publisher:Simon and Schuster - 2012-10-02


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