Migrating to the Cloud

Migrating to the Cloud

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Migrating to the Cloud: Oracle Client/Server Modernization is a reference guide for migrating client/server applications to the Oracle cloud. Organized into 14 chapters, the book offers tips on planning, determining effort and budget, designing the Oracle cloud infrastructure, implementing the migration, and moving the Oracle cloud environment into production. Aside from Oracle application and database cloud offerings, the book looks at various tools and technologies that can facilitate migration to the cloud. It includes useful code snippets and step-by-step instructions in database migration, along with four case studies that highlight service enablement of DOS-based applications, Sybase to Oracle, PowerBuilder to APEX, and Forms to Java EE. Finally, it considers current challenges and future trends in cloud computing and client/server migration. This book will be useful to IT professionals, such as developers, architects, database administrators, IT project managers, and executives, in developing migration strategies and best practices, as well as finding appropriate solutions. Focuses on Oracle architecture, Middleware and COTS business applications Explains the tools and technologies necessary for your legacy migration Gives useful information about various strategies, migration methodologies and efficient plans for executing migration projectsHowever, older DOS applications written in C/CA¾A¾ or even older versions of Oracle Forms, PowerBuilder, or Visual Basic do ... of custom script based on SQL or a vendor database language-specific ETL and File Transfer Protocol (FTP) integration layer. ... and application server management and monitoring tools, testing tools such as Load Runner, and even database and application deployment scripts.

Title:Migrating to the Cloud
Author:Tom Laszewski, Prakash Nauduri
Publisher:Elsevier - 2011-11-08


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