Migrating to Swift from Android

Migrating to Swift from Android

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In 250 pages, Migrating to Swift from Android gives youa€”as an experienced Android app developera€”all you need to create native iOS apps using the latest Swift programming language. Starting with preparing your Xcode 6.1 IDE and introducing just enough iOS application framework fundamentals, you'll understand how to create meaningful Swift applications for iOS 8 immediately. After the short IDE setup guide, this book continues by providing guidance on how to translate your existing Android apps to iOS. Every topic comes with a tutorial project; you'll plan and structure your iOS apps following a typical top-down process using Xcode Storyboards. To implement use cases, you'll cover common mobile topics, including user interfaces, managing data, and networking with remote services. As you move through Part 2 of this book, you'll create simple and meaningful iOS apps with rich UI components to handle common CRUD operations locally and remotely. Part 3 demonstrates the whole porting process by translating a typical mobile app from Android to iOS 8 from start to finish. When you finish reading Migrating to Swift from Android, you'll be an iOS developer as well as an Android developer. And, you will be fully convinced you can create iOS apps just like you do in Android. In most cases, it is a waste not to port your native Android apps to iOS. What youa€™ll learn Maximize your existing mobile knowledge to learn iOS programming Use the latest Xcode 6.1 IDE Translate your existing GUI Android apps Learn the fundamentals of Swift Work with user interface components and UI animations Store and retrieve data Create networked apps that use remote services Who this book is for This book is for Android developers wanting to make the jump to iOS development using the new Apple Swift programming language. Table of Contents Part 1: Prepare Your Tools 1. Setting Up the Development Environment 2. iOS Programming Basics Part 2: Come Sail Away: A Roadmap for Porting 3. Structure Your App 4. Implement Piece by Piece Part 3: Pulling It All Together 5. Recap with a Case StudyAfter the short IDE setup guide, this book continues by providing guidance on how to translate your existing Android apps to iOS.

Title:Migrating to Swift from Android
Author:Sean Liao
Publisher:Apress - 2014-10-22


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