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This is Volume 5 in the Midwifery: Best Practice series. Each of the volumes in this Series is built around the familiar core of four main topic areas relevant to midwifery: pregnancy, labour / birth, postnatal and stories / reflection - and also includes a number of 'focus on.' sections. These are different in each volume and reflect a wide range of key and topical issues within midwifery. Each volume builds upon the others to provide a comprehensive library of articles that shows the development of thought in key midwifery areas. Volume 5 offers a range of wholly new topic areas within the 'focus on.' sections covering: 'the birthing environment', 'women, midwives and risk', 'holistic health' and 'working/international stories'. A practical reference source containing a wide range of articles, research and original material in an easily accessible format Volume 5 offers a more interactive learning experience by inviting midwives to create their own questions before reading the articles, and then returning to these afterwards for reflective thought Diverse opinions on selected topics provide a comprehensive resource for debate and discussion Unique approach includes ideas on how to turn reading into professional development activities Includes 60 articles from The Practising Midwife (2004-5);4 research articles from Midwifery (2004-5); 3 articles from The Journal of Midwifery and Women's Health (2003-5); and 5 original articles commissioned for this book.I asks for the individual capability of the person doing the manual handling to be considered. ... T stands for the task to be achieved: for example, helping a woman to move up the bed, birthing the baby or assisting with breastfeeding. E is for ... When carrying out a manual handling procedure with one or more people, a leader must be appointed to guide the procedure and to give the relevant commands.

Author:Sara Wickham
Publisher:Elsevier Health Sciences - 2008


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