Microwave Methods in Organic Synthesis

Microwave Methods in Organic Synthesis

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We are delighted to present this volume with contributions from some of the most renowned and experienced microwavechemists today. The delivery and introduction of energy has been closely connected with the discovery and investigation of new chemistry. It is with pleasure that we have seen an increased use of microwave irradiation over the years and we hope that this volume will re?ect the current interest in expanding the scopeofmicrowaveapplicationsinbothorganicandmedicinalchemistry.One important explanation behind the growth of microwave-enhanced chemistry has been the introductionof dedicated microwavereactors. As a result of this development we are proud to present a diverse set of - views. Apart fromchapters spanning the scope that is usually associated with microwavemethods, such as heterocyclic chemistry an intriguing, but fr- tratingly diverse ?eld that is excellently presented in one of the reviews and transition metal-catalyzed reactions, we also present a review on microwa- assisted natural product chemistry, a topic that is of high interest and neither often nor widely covered. A contribution on microwave-accelerated synt- sis of protease inhibitors underlines the usefulness of microwave heating in medicinal chemistryandareview of?uorousmicrowavechemistryhighlights the importance of the combination of high-speed reactions and quick sepa- tions.Two separate chaptersonscaled-up microwavereactionsandgreen and sustainablechemistrygiveanoverviewofaspectsofmicrowavechemistrythat mightbeofgreatuseinbothindustrialandsmall-scaleapplications. We would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere gratitude to the contributors of this volume for their valuable time and efforts. We believe that the presented workwill further promotethe use of controlledmicrowave heating in both academia and industry.qLongchar M, Bora U, Boruah RC, Sandhu JS (2002) Synthetic Commun 32:3611 98. Skoda-FApldes R, Pfeiffer P, HorvAith J, ... Haynes HF, Nelson ER, Price JR ( 1952) Aust J Sci Res Ser A 5:387 122. Nelson ER, Price JR (1952) Aust J Sci Resanbsp;...

Title:Microwave Methods in Organic Synthesis
Author:Mats Larhed, Kristofer Olofsson, Prasad Appukkuttan
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2006-10-09


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