Microsoft Flight Simulator 5.1

Microsoft Flight Simulator 5.1

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For power users and beginners alike, this book has it all -- including the basics of flying, the instrument landing system, the weather generator, dual-player modem play, the scenery manager, and how to use advanced navigational techniques to fly around the world using the on-board GPS and VOR/NDB navigational radio equipment. Navigate transoceanic and intercontinental flights using the complete and exhaustive list of worldwide VOR/NDB navigational radio beacons included here Access the new autopilot features directly from your keyboard Modify your weather with extraordinary new hazing, fog, thunderstorms, clouds, and low visibility features Discover the hidden Easter egg scenery, including Mt. rushmore, the Egyptian Pyramids, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Kremlin, and the Taj Mahal Learn how to configure and optimize FS 5.1 to run under Windows 95The Official Strategy Guide Nick Dargahi ... Compared to the $250 million cost of a real Boeing 747, and hourly operating costs of $20, 000 per hour, simulators are a real bargain. ... the Schiphol 747 crash, I tried that flight in our 747-400 ( simulator), with engine surges, engine fires, and engine separations happening goinganbsp;...

Title:Microsoft Flight Simulator 5.1
Author:Nick Dargahi
Publisher:Prima Games - 1995-10-01


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