Micropropulsion for Small Spacecraft

Micropropulsion for Small Spacecraft

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Micropropulsion is an enabling technology for microspacecraft operations by making missions possible that otherwise could not be performed. For example, the formation and maintenance of platoons of microspacecraft will require a maneuvering capability to counter orbital perturbations. Microspacecraft missions involving large spacecraft resupply, repair, or surveillance will also require maneuverability. The mission requirements for microspacecraft will be varied and in some cases a large range of capability might be required on the same spacecraft. Micropropulsion systems must be extremely versatile to address these requirements. It is clear that there is a need for micropropulsion systems from high-thrust chemical engines to high specific impulse electric thrusters to fulfill specific missions just as for larger spacecraft. It is becoming increasingly evident that microspacecraft will require efficient propulsion systems to enable many of the missions currently being investigated. The systems constraints on mass, power, maximum voltage, and volume with which microspacecraft will have to contend pose several challenges to the propulsion system designer. Micropropulsion concepts that address these limitations in unique and beneficial ways will be of interest to the microspacecraft community. Written by leading experts in the field, this book shows the state of the art in micropropulsion concepts and activities at the early stages in the development of this new and exciting research area.Table 3 Representative propulsion system mass estimate (PPT thruster with micro-PPT ACS, sized for 2003 mission) requirement for the 2003 mission. ... A number of electric propulsion systems offer total masses in the 1 2- to 1 5-kg range, which, in light of the technical ... m 40 g 100 SCR switch modules 6 20 g 120 Structures aamp; mounts 10% of dry mass 600 Controls aamp; wiring 5% of dry mass 300 Designanbsp;...

Title:Micropropulsion for Small Spacecraft
Author:Michael Matthew Micci, Andrew David Ketsdever
Publisher:Aiaa - 2000-01-01


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