Microprocessor Based Systems

Microprocessor Based Systems

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16 Bit Processor : 8086 architecture, Instruction set, Assembly language programming, Macros, Interrupt structure, Minimum mode, Maximum mode, Multiprocessor configuration, Loosely coupled, Closely coupled.32 Bit Processor : Limitations of earlier microprocessor 286/386/486 their features, Real mode protected mode, Virtual 286 mode, Addressing modes, Privilege levels, Segmentation, Paging, Multitasking, Interrupt structure, numeric data processor 80387.Overview of pentium, Communication with 8, 16, 32 and 64 bit devices.8096/8097 micro controller : Architecture, interfacing and programming.6845 CRT controller.List the features of 8086 microprocessor. 2. Draw and explain the internal block diagram of 8086 microprocessor. 3. What do you mean by instruction pipelining ? 4. What is the function of queue ? 5. Write a note on segment registers. 6.

Title:Microprocessor Based Systems
Publisher:Technical Publications - 2009-01-01


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