Microprocessor and Microcontrollers

Microprocessor and Microcontrollers

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Unita€“ILogic Devices: Tristate devices, buffers, encoder, decoder, latches. Types of memories, memory organization, concept of control lines such as read/write, chip enable. Unit-IIIntroduction to 8085 microprocessor: - Organization of Microprocessor based system, 8085 I¼p Architecture, Concept of Address line and Memory interfacing, Address Decoding and Memory Interfacing Unit-III8085 Programming Model, Instruction Classification, Instruction Format, 8085 Instruction Set Unit-IVIntroduction to Modern day Computer Systems: - Organization and Architecture, Structure and function. System Buses: - Computer Components, Computer function, PCI: - Features of PCI bus, Why PCI bus is needed? Concept of PCI Arbitration. Internal Memory: - Concept of Cache Memory, Methods of Cache Mapping, Concept and need for Cache coherency. External Memory: - RAID. Unit-VThe 8051 Microcontroller: Introduction and overview of 8051 family, 8051 Assembly Language Programming, Jumps, Loops and call instructions. Unit-VI8051 I/O port programming, Addressing Modes, Arithmetic and Logical instructions. References William Stallings, a€œComputer Organisation and Architecturea€ ( 4th Edition ) - PHI, 1998. Andrew C. Tanenbaum, a€œStructured Computer Organisationa€ (3rd Edition) -, PHI. Computer System Architecture - M. Morris Memo, PHI, 1998. John P Hayes, a€œComputer Architecture and Organisationa€ - McGraw Hill, 1998. Digital Computer Fundamentals, Malvino Microprocessor Architecture and Programming and Applications with the 8085, R.S. Gaonkar, PRI (3rd Edition) Digital Computer Fundamentals, Thomas C Bartee, TMG The 8051 Microcontroller and Embedded systems by M. A. Mazidi, J. G. Mazidi and R. D. McKinlay, Pearson Education.Instruction word size 8085 instruction set is classified into the following three groups according to word size or byte size. ... instruction 2) 2-Byte instruction 3) 3 -Byte instruction ONE-Byte Instruction: A 1-byte instruction includes opcode andanbsp;...

Title:Microprocessor and Microcontrollers
Publisher:Booksmart - 2014-10-20


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