Microeconomics for Public Decisions

Microeconomics for Public Decisions

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Microeconomics for Public Decisions is a core textbook covering essential microeconomic principles and applying them to public decisions. It can and has been used without additional materials.It provides a systematic treatment of microeconomics fundamentals such as supply, demand, equilibrium, market processes, interventions, equity and efficiency, monopoly, and externalities. It also provides extensive coverage of advanced topics that concern public sector decisions, such as public goods, externalities, welfare analysis, imperfect information, risk and uncertainty, investments and discounting, cost-benefit analysis, and their unique complexities.Although this text is often used in teaching master's level graduate students and upper-division undergraduate students, since it does not require prior coursework or training in economics or calculus, it has been used as an introductory text.The relative lack of calculus should not be confused with a lack of rigor. This text explains economics with such clarity and precision that complex topics can be learned straightforwardly.This text does not provide an encyclopedic treatment of microeconomic theory. Instead it focuses on essential principles and analytic techniques for making decisions, successfully enabling students to apply microeconomics concepts to everyday decisions.The principal cannot write contracts based on the information known by the agent ; and the actions chosen by the ... These incentives include recognition for a job well done, appreciation from employers, and the feeling of contributing to a ... For instance, undergraduate student assistants may work hard for professors in order to get favorable letters of recommendation for ... Group productivity rewards, such as profit sharing, can also set up the possibility for free riders because the lessanbsp;...

Title:Microeconomics for Public Decisions
Author:Anne Steinemann
Publisher:askmar publishing - 2011-07-15


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