M.I.A. Hunter - Crossfire Kill

M.I.A. Hunter - Crossfire Kill

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Europe Held Hostage! In Paris, a German government official is shot and killed in the streets. In Frankfurt, an American general is kidnapped from a U. S. army base. Both jobs are carried out by skilled professionals, experts in the field of international terrorism. And it is only the beginning. By the time Mark Stone arrives, with Hog Wiley and Terrance Loughlin on his rescue team, the streets of Europe are slick with blood. A ruthless ex-Nazi has assembled the ultimate terrorist squada€“trading Eurodollars for death on a rampage of calculated violence. Now, they are holding a woman captivea€“someone who is dear to the heart of one of Stone's men. This time, it's personal. And even the most savage champions of Hitler's legacy will not survive the flaming vengeance of... STONE: M.I.A. HUNTERIt had leaded glass decorations around it; there were plants in the round room and bright lights outside the door. ... They paid no attention to the little green wires, went through the fence, and in a dozen minutes the chopper appeared.

Title:M.I.A. Hunter - Crossfire Kill
Author:Stephen Mertz
Publisher:Crossroad Press - 2015-03-01


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