Message Decoder

Message Decoder

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Dane Harrington, agent for the USA and Germany, is suspected of killing US Agent Michael Stockdale. Dane is now wanted by the USA and Germany. Somehow, he must find a way to clear his name before he can seek refuge in either country. Ten-year-old Thomas Jennings finds a microchip in his cereal and, thinking it is a toy, takes it to his friend, 10-year-old Micah Harrington to put in his computer and see what is on the chip. What they find puts them both in danger. The two boys disappear and Captain Meyers puts Alec, Martin and Freda on the case. As the case unfolds, the captain reveals to Alec why he has chosen him for special cases.It was the red Ford Mustang. He watched it slow down in front of Micaha#39;s house. Then it sped up and went on past. ... a€œMicah hid a small disc behind the TV in the den. Mr. Perkins said there isna#39;t much time. Hea#39;s hurt bad.a€ a€œWhoa#39;s Mr. Perkins?

Title:Message Decoder
Author:Cecelia S. Davis
Publisher:Trafford Publishing - 2014-01


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