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In Mesmerization, Gee Thomson deconstructs contemporary culture in a new and exciting way. From faith to fashion, psycho-babble to cyber-sex, the book examines the viral nature of memes, those ubiquitous spells and social prescriptions that drive and shape global behaviour. These influences are fundamental in deciding what gets seen, what gets said and what gets made, affecting how we lead our lives, the look of our homes, cities and our natural environments. Designed by acclaimed design companyWhy Not, the publication uses a unique combination of graphic spells and formulas to decode the spells that control our age.... I suffer indulgence a€c Use of subversion and shock tactics to upset conventional sensibilities -Dona#39;t measure me by your boring standards ... vinyl a€cBig old-style stereos Generation X Emotional Context: a€cBeyond functionality and technical issues, iPods are about desire and style. ... of music gone in o nano second) World Fears: a€c Like a shark in water, the iPod needs constant momentum and innovation.

Author:Gee Thomson
Publisher: - 2008


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